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Insolvency Practice

Corporate Recovery

The global recession together with the credit squeeze in business finance which are the two most significant consequences of the economic crisis has created a new paradigm for business enterprises.

As the circle turns with the danger of a downward spiral, businesses are easily caught in the slow-down process. The key market drivers are undergoing fundamental changes, cost cutting is now the order of the day and survival has now become a short-term perspective.

APPAVOO CORPORATE SERVICES LTD is capable to provide expert advice in “Corporate Recovery” irrespective of the critical point which a business has reached in its life cycle.

Our Services

Our services include the following:

  • Business diagnosis which not only reviews the actual position of a business but identifies the root factors of its underperformance.

  • Organisational audit which question the business model, its structures and strategies and propose solutions to present context.

  • Re-engineering consultancy which critically evaluates the various business processes and streamline them with “cost cutting” as main objective.

  • Design of re-structuring plans with short term and long-term options.

  • Act as intermediary in re-scheduling the trust between the business enterprise and its stakeholders.

Insolvency : The Solution of Last Resort

Mauritius has enacted the Insolvency Act 2009 in June 2009. It is a modern legislation inspired on New Zealand counterparts with focuses on accountability and transparency under the aegis of the Court and of the Office of the “Director of Insolvency”.

The legislation is comprehensive in its coverage and its sets new requirements on the Insolvency Practitioner with well-defined rights of all stakeholders.

Our Services

Our Insolvency Practice offers a wide range of services in all of the following areas :

  • Voluntary winding up

  • Receivership & Management

  • Creditors Voluntary winding up

  • Winding up by the Court

  • Netting arrangement in Financial Contract

  • Administration