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AMS - Budget Highlights 2014 - Mauritius (368 kb)
Appavoo Management Services Ltd (AMS) is pleased to present an overview of the major changes in the tax legislation and other relevant information as proposed by the Minister of Finance in his Budget Speech of 08 November 2013 for the fiscal year 2014.

Budget Brief 2009 by Clensy Appavoo (229 kb)
Budget Brief 2009 by Clensy Appavoo

E-GROUP BROCHURE 2010 (1 mb)
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Mieux comprendre la crise financière... (75 kb)
Mieux comprendre la crise financière...

Newsletter 10 (1 mb)
Newsletter 10
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Newsletter 14 (2 kb)
Après un millésime 2010 riche en actualités, l’année 2011 s’annonce plein de promesses, sur fond de continuité et de consolidation pour le Groupe Appavoo. C’est d’ailleurs ce que vous aurez l’occasion de découvrir avec les différents responsables de services dans ce nouveau numéro d’Appavoo News !

newsletter 8 (1 mb)
newsletter 8

Newsletter June (1 mb)
Appavoo News - Your Quartely Guide To The Group News, Information and Events

Silver Jubilee Magazine (1 mb)
Appavoo Group celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2014. This publication looks back at the Group's tremendous achievements and happy moments for clients and employees since 1989. Enjoy the reading !

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Consulting Services


Foreign Investor Pack (101 kb)
Foreign Investor Pack

VATit Background and more about the reclaimable expenses (456 kb)
VATit International background , more about the reclaimable expenses and Vat reclaim sheet

VATit Presentation Flyer (202 kb)
VATit Presentation Flyer

VATit Web Advert (398 kb)
Appoint Appavoo Corporate Service Ltd as your foreign VAT reclaim agent and turn your expenses into Cash!!!

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Education & Training

Financial Management Course (626 kb)
This course assumes no prior knowledge of the subject but expects a minimum
exposure to Finance. Our methodology is practical and interactive, and is intended to impart a solid grounding of the subject to participants through tools such as Lectures, PowerPoint Presentation, Case Studies, Group Discussions, Self-Assessment Quiz, Skill-building exercises and Revision Notes.

Italian Course (599 kb)
Our Learning Italian Course has been specifically designed to initiate participants to the orthography and grammatical structure of the Learning Italian. The extensive 24-hour duration of the course ensures that each and every participant will master not only the basics of a beginner’s course, but will also be introduced to the cultural specificities of this market through practical exercises deemed to enhance their understanding of their Italian counterparts.

Registration Form (138 kb)
To register your participation to any of our courses, please fill in the Registration form and email it back to ariannec@appavoo-training.com or send it by fax. For more information, please contact Arianne Cheron, Registrar of ABS.

Secretarial Practice (275 kb)

Training on Personal & Corporate Taxation (8 kb)
Training on Personal & Corporate Taxation

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Human Resource Management Services

accounts clerks (200 kb)
accounts clerks

appavoo recruitment services advert (677 kb)
appavoo recruitment services advert

Request for HR Services (15 kb)
Request for HR Services

Vacancies Accounts Officer (333 kb)

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Information Communication Technology Services

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International Services

Business and Structuring and investment Vehicle (26 kb)
Business and Structuring and investment Vehicle

Companies Act 2001 (880 kb)
Companies Act 2001

Dossier D'information Fiducie (201 kb)
Dossier D'information Fiducie

Dossier D'information Global Business (187 kb)
Dossier D'information Global Business

Double Taxation Agreements (24 kb)
Double Taxation Agreements

Financial Service Act 2007 (361 kb)
Financial Service Act 2007

Global Business Pack  (214 kb)
Global Business Pack

Global Fund Pack (371 kb)
Global Fund Pack

Insurance Act 2005 (606 kb)
Insurance Act 2005

Securities Act 2005 (501 kb)
Securities Act 2005

Tax Framework for Global Business (21 kb)
Tax Framework for Global Business

Trust Act 2001 (101 kb)
Trust Act 2001

Trust Brochure (924 kb)
Trust Brochure

Trust Pack  (120 kb)
Trust Pack

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Outsourcing Services

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Real Estate & Property Services

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Statutory Professional Services

AMS - Budget Highlights 2014 (368 kb)
Appavoo Management Services Ltd (AMS) is pleased to present an overview of the major changes in the tax legislation and other relevant information as proposed by the Minister of Finance in his Budget Speech of 08 November 2013 for the fiscal year 2014.

Appavoo Management Services [AMS] complete brochure (252 kb)
AMS offers a broad range of accounting services, from basic accounts maintenance to full compliance and advisory services.

Budget Brief and Finance Act 2011 (236 kb)
Following the 2011 Budget proposals presented by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development in November 2010 and the enactment of the Finance Act 2011 giving force of law to the budget proposals, Appavoo Management Services Ltd (AMS)is pleased to give hereinafter the salient features of measures in respect taxation.

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