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Financial Management Course (626 kb)
This course assumes no prior knowledge of the subject but expects a minimum
exposure to Finance. Our methodology is practical and interactive, and is intended to impart a solid grounding of the subject to participants through tools such as Lectures, PowerPoint Presentation, Case Studies, Group Discussions, Self-Assessment Quiz, Skill-building exercises and Revision Notes.

Italian Course (599 kb)
Our Learning Italian Course has been specifically designed to initiate participants to the orthography and grammatical structure of the Learning Italian. The extensive 24-hour duration of the course ensures that each and every participant will master not only the basics of a beginnerís course, but will also be introduced to the cultural specificities of this market through practical exercises deemed to enhance their understanding of their Italian counterparts.

Registration Form (138 kb)
To register your participation to any of our courses, please fill in the Registration form and email it back to or send it by fax. For more information, please contact Arianne Cheron, Registrar of ABS.

Secretarial Practice (275 kb)

Training on Personal & Corporate Taxation (8 kb)
Training on Personal & Corporate Taxation

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