Education & Training Services

Appavoo Business School Ltd is a subsidiary of Appavoo Group. It entered the training industry in 2003 as an extension of the existing in-house training arm of the Group. This extension has been structured as a separate entity and the fundamental objective is to provide skills development, knowledge dissemination and continuous professional education to the public at large with a strong motto:

Challenging the boundaries of knowledge

The school is accredited with the Tertiary Education Committee (TEC) and the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA). It is also an ACCA Registered tuition Provider.

Institutional Goals

Appavoo Business School is committed to:

  • Conserve, advance and disseminate knowledge through high level teaching, dynamic design of study programme and continuous review of effectiveness and relevance to academic policies and objectives.

  • Establish partnership with national and international scholars, universities, educational and research institutions with a view to enhancing intellectual development and quality education.

  • Continuously improve the quality of teaching and knowledge sharing using international benchmarking and modern techniques and technologies geared towards autonomous, practical and action-learning experiences.

  • Provide high quality management back-up motivated by open, transparent, responsive and accountable academic and administrative policies and practices.