Appavoo Group celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2014. ...
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Outsourcing Services

A comprehensive range of outsourcing services Outsourcing Services are supplied to local and international clients from our Data Centre located at Appavoo Business Centre. Structured within an intergrated approach and based on latest technologies, we work face to face with the whole world.

IT Infrastructure

Mauritius has a well-developed digital network infrastructure and it offers the latest telecommunications facilities, namely ADSL, Frame Relay, ISDN, high bandwidth international leased lines (IPLCs) and Internet connectivity all around the Island. The SAT-3/WAS/SAFE (South Africa –Far East) submarine fibre optic cable which links Europe/Mauritius/South Africa/Malaysia has placed the Island on the Information super-highway.

The Integrated approach

The structure of Appavoo Group enables an integrated approach to be adopted and the building up of various synergies:

  • Appavoo Professional Recruitment provides access to a reliable database of employees giving us the advantage of building up human capital and specific expert pools.

  • Appavoo Business School operates a ‘Centre for Excellence’ for BPO training in specific domains and we are able to take advantage of recent development in the industry through Foreign Partners and up-to-date training materials

  • Appavoo Informatics handles all our IT infrastructure needs, software development and connectivity requirements