Our services are structured into 8 business clusters:

Management and Compliance Services

APPAVOO GROUP provides Management & Compliance Services on an independent basis.

Such services include:

  • Electronic bookeeping including accounts preparation in 3 different language (English, French, Italian)
  • .
  • Payroll

  • Taxation

  • Business Advisory

  • All local compliance services enabling business enterprises to be in line with regulations and legislations

International Services

APPAVOO INTERNATIONAL LTD, the international service arm of the Group, is licensed by the Financial Services Commission to act as Management Company in the global Financial Services Centre. It provides a comprehensive range of services to Global Business entities based on stringent KYC procedures.

Our main services include:

  • Formation of Global Business Licensed companies

  • Corporate Services

  • Administration Services

  • International Tax Planning and Structuring

  • Funds Management and Administration Services

Consulting Services

‘Consulting’ has been at the forefront of services offered by APPAVOO GROUP right from its inception. Over the years, the Group has sucessfully transformed a record number of SMEs into large business units and even national leaders in their respective business sectors. We provide unrivalled expertise in the areas of performance appraisal, performance improvement, and talent management.
Our consulting foundations are:

  • Apply best business practices

  • Adapt to change & technology

  • Make innovation a way of life

  • Develop long term vision

Our consulting services are organized within three distinct business cells: Consulting, Corporate and Marketing


  • Financial Studies

  • Corporate Finance

  • Sectoral Studies

  • Organisational & Operational Reviews

  • Strategic Management Consultancy

  • Forensic Accounting

  • Real Estate Consultancy

Our corporate Services include the following:

  • Corporate Secretarial Services

  • Foreign Investors specialist services

  • Financial Research Office

  • VAT It Services [reclaiming of foreign Value Added Tax]

Our Communication & Marketing Services include the following:

  • Corporate ID

  • Design of Marketing Plan

  • Design, printing and conception of Marketing tools

  • Media Planning and Advertising

Education & Training Services

APPAVOO BUSINESS SCHOOL was set-up in 2003 following the decision of the Group to open its in-house training facilities to the public. The school is registered with the local regulatory bodies for private educational institutions, viz Mauritius Qualifications Authority and Tertiary Education Committee. It is also an ACCA Registered Tuition Provider.

The school operates three faculties:

  • Faculty of Accountancy (FACT)

  • Faculty of Management (FOM)

  • Faculty of Communication and Information Technology (FICT)

All the faculties report to a central Board of Educators which formulates training policies in association with our different partners. The three Faculties offer a wide range of short term, part-time and full-time courses as well as workshops, business seminars and conferences.

Human Resources Management Services

APPAVOO GROUP puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of ‘HUMAN CAPITAL’ as the most prominent asset in any business. We operate an Autonomous Business Unit (ABU) which specializes in the provision of HRM services to clients.

  • Training and Skill Development

  • Organisational and Human Resource Audit

  • Human Resource Management

  • Labour Outsourcing

  • Recruitment Services and Job Placement

Information & Communication Technology Services

ICT is a core business unit within APPAVOO GROUP. We make use of latest technologies to bring a quality service to our clients and offer them a complete range of software products, IT tools and business supports based on innovation and competitiveness.

Our ICT business cluster is structured in an Autonomous Business Unit, Appavoo Informatics Ltd which is responsible for the sale and implementation of software products, backed up by appropriate training and support to clients. It also heads the group initiatives in Business Processing Outsourcing and software implementation: Pastel, Quickbooks, Caseware etc.

Outsourcing Services

A comprehensive range of Outsourcing services are supplied to local and international clients from our Data Centre located at APPAVOO BUSINESS CENTRE. Structured within an intergrated approach and based on latest technologies, we work face to face with the whole world.

We provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services as well as Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) to clients based in Europe principally. Our services are domain-centric with the following specialisations:

  • Accounting processes : order processing, invoice processing and accounts production

  • Payroll and Human Resource processes

  • Transcription of reports for court proceedings, law firms, notaries and other professionals.

  • Multiple BPO & KPO domains are developed and implemented rapidly.

  • IT logistics for service industries including Project Management

Our BPO Centre works in 3 languages: English, French, Italian

Real Estate & Property Development Services

APPAVOO GROUP operates a special consultancy unit to advise clients in real estate and property development and management.

Our Real Estate and Property Development Autonomous Business Unit is structured under three main headings, namely:

  • Project Conception and Design

  • Project Financing

  • Project Management

  • We provide Project Management Services by a technical team and our services include the following:

    • Licences and permits and technical studies

    • Technical administration of projects

    • Marketing services

    • Back-office services including the financial management of projects