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e-Accounting Services

E-Accounting or Online Accounting is a new development in the field of accounting and Appavoo Management Services Ltd (AMS) is proud to offer this new service concept to its clients!

What is e-Accounting? In simple terms it means that all of a client’s transactions are recorded online through server access or through a database software. Client are allocated a login ID and password to ensure complete confidentiality

It is a cheap concept without software defect or failure. Clients are not requested to invest in an accounting software and all accounting source documents and final reports are maintained in electronic format for easy access. No manual input of data is needed, allowing huge savings in terms of physical transfer of source documents, paperwork and stationery costs.

A business requires that one keeps close control of financial data. With e-Accounting, accounting becomes completely paperless, source documents are kept in electronic format and are properly archived, and financial date is available at all times. Clients have easy access in remote locations to their financial status and management reports, with our assurance that statutory reporting requirements are being met.

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