Our team of Experts in Compliance & Company secretarial services brings to our clients a structured service package which fosters legal, regulatory and ethical business practices.

  • Licensing, Incorporation, Data protection, Compliance register
  • Contracts drafting and legal support
  • Company secretarial practice
  • Corporate recovery and Insolvency practice

Licensing, Incorporation, Data Protection, Compliance register

  • We ensure that all our clients operate with the appropriate licences
  • We advise on the appropriate structure for the business model of each client
  • We have in place a complete suite of services to ensure that our clients are compliant with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • We provide our clients with an Organisation Kit upon starting business and also a Compliance Register for all legal formalities to be completed and observed

Contracts drafting and legal support

  • Our clients benefit from an Expert Team of legal advisers and consultants for contract drafting
  • Legal support is provided in legal advisory, litigation and court cases
  • We work with a network of Barristers, Solicitors and Legal Advisers to ensure that our clients have access to specialist advice when needed

Company secretarial practice

  • We offer a full suite of Company Secretarial services including incorporation of business structures, holding of Board and Shareholders Meetings and completion of statutory filings
  • We can handle ‘going public’ and the floatation of companies on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius

Corporate recovery and Insolvency practice

  • We advise clients on ‘Corporate Recovery’ by conducting business review, proposing re-engineering plans, and the re-structuring of resources
  • We also operate an Insolvency Practice which handles all types of liquidations including the following
    • Voluntary winding up;
    • Creditors winding up;
    • Winding up by the Court;
    • Administration Receivership
    • Cross border liquidations.and
  • Clients who use our services including corporates, Insurance companies, Banks, Regulatory Bodies such as the Bank of Mauritius, the Financial Services Commission, etc

Our team

Bilal Korim


Bilal Korim, holder of a BSc (Hons) Management with Specialisation in Marketing Management from the University of Mauritius, joined Appavoo Group in 2003 and has since established himself. Marketing Executive Officer of the Group from 2003- 2004, Bilal wanted to extend his field of intervention to include accounting and management and hence moved to the consultancy field. Starting as Business Consultant in 2005, Bilal was promoted to Senior Business Consultant in 2006 and since 2007, he assumes the role of Assistant Manager. Bilal has been involved in various consultancy assignments including feasibility study reports, business diagnosis and financial re-engineering exercises of various enterprises.

Kaminee Busawah


Kaminee joined the group in 2016 and occupies the post of Legal Consultant with Appavoo Corporate Services Ltd. Kaminee has been drafting all types of Legal Documents for the group. She holds a Bachelor in Law (LLB) degree from the University of London (UK) and was admitted to the Vocational Legal Education of Mauritius in 2012. She also has a Master’s degree (LLM) with specialization in International Financial and Corporate Law (UK). Kaminee is well versed in AML/CFT Laws and is registered the with the Financial Services Commission in the capacity of Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) of Appavoo International Ltd. Kaminee has considerable knowledge and experience on the Corporate Secretarial Services and the Offshore Sector. She is also responsible for the Expatriate Services offered by the group. She is well versed in Insolvency Laws and has been working in various dissolution, insolvency and receivership assignments. Kaminee is also a registered Trainer for Law with the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA).

Alwyna Juttun

Business Consultant & Data Protection Officer

Alwyna Juttun occupies the post of Business Consultant with ACS. She holds an MSc in Financial Economics and a BSc (Hons) in Business Economics and Investment Analysis and forms part of the consulting team of experts of the group.

Suraj Rawa

Corporate Assistant

Suraj joined Appavoo Corporate Services in 2007 and reckons some 11 years of experience in Corporate Secretariat and Insolvency fields. He occupies the post of Corporate Secretariat Executive and specializes in the incorporation of domestic companies and their compliances with the relevant authorities.

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